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Our Successful Projects

1. Learning Management System

Learning Management System for
New Zealand Tertiary College

Our Company has created a Learning Management System, which New Zealand Tertiary College uses to streamline their courses offered to both internal and external students.

The LMS can cater the needs of:
✓Administrative Staff
✓Academic Staff

Features for Students

Access to courses

Students can access course content that they are entitled to. The students will also be
able to take assignments and quizzes related to the courses from the LMS.

Discussion forum

The students will be provided with access to a discussion forum, where they will be able to collaborate with the teachers and peers.

Online library

All the students can be provided with comprehensive access to the online library. The students will then be able to gain access to the books through LMS. They will be able to refer to those books when they are studying or working on thesis writing.

Student Notebooks

The students will be provided with the opportunity to maintain their notebooks on the LMS. These notebooks can be accessed by logging into the LMS with student credentials. It can be updated on real time as well.

Features for Academic Staff

Course and curriculum management

Academic staff will be able to create curriculums on the courses that they are assigned with. Academic staff can also create learning materials and assign them to the courses.

Student assessment and grading

The academic staff will be able to create assessments and quizzes. Then they can be linked with the courses. Multiple assessments/quizzes can be created for the courses. The students can be asked to take those assessments and quizzes. The answers will be available for the academic staff to see and they will be able to grade them.

Messaging and chat systems

There is a built-in messaging system, where the students will be able to send messages to the other students and staff. The LMS provides ability for the students and staff to communicate efficiently with each other through the chat system.

Analytics and surveys

Academic staff will be able to analyse students and study patterns efficiently on the LMS. With this, the academic staff can determine the performance of the individual students and students as a whole group. It is possible to launch student surveys in order to get feedback about the curriculum/courses

Features for Administrative Staff

Student and staff registration and management

New students who enrol to the high school/university can easily be registered in the LMS. When registering the students, it is possible to enter their basic information and provide them with individual logins. Likewise, staff can also be enrolled.

Course and Curriculum Management

Administrative staff will be able to go ahead and create new courses on the LMS. Then it is possible to assign appropriate academic staff members and students to those courses.

Calendar Management

When there are events or deadlines, they can be marked on the calendar. The administrative staff will be able to manage the calendar.

Management Reporting

The administrative staff will be able to create management reports dynamically through the LMS. They will be provided with the freedom to determine the parameters that are used to generate the reports.

2. Immersive 3D Sound System - Holoplot

Holoplot –Technology Meets Innovation

Holoplot systems generate a consistent sonic experience across acoustically varying environments.
It creates an individual treatment of direct sound, reflections and reverb, they stay true to the original recording and set a new standard in quality for the audience.

One System –Multiple Feeds

Distribute up to 16 distinct feeds simultaneously to discrete sound fields within an area, from a single system within in minutes, projecting respective audio directly to the audience.

Close to the listener

Deliver extraordinary experiences by bringing audio closer to the listener than ever before, providing an audio experience which hasn’t been heard before

Personalized Sound

Generate both, personalized audio experiences and large sized sound fields, with the click of a button. Our intuitive products allow full flexibility within minutes.

Enhancing the Sound Innovatively

Web interface provides ability to adjust wave fronts easily from spherical to planar,to focus.
Re-position the source with a click of a button to find the perfect fit.
✓Sound field visualization

✓Multi system control

✓Integrated calibration tools

\✓Advanced virtual sources routing

✓Offline mode

✓Multi-client real time synchronization

3. IoT Home & Office Automation - ONETOUCH HUB

SmartLife –For a Smarter Lifestyle

SmartLife is a customisable app and smart hub platform that allows people to connect and control an extensive range of devices for home and commercial applications.
✓ SmartLife App gives you one app to control all devices making it easy to use.

✓ Future proofed hardware with SmartLife smart hub people can connect both wireless and hard wired systems.

OneTouch Hub

OneTouch Hub is capable of controlling IR, Zwave , SigFox and RELAY outputs through a mobile app.
It can connect to more devices than many other competitor product in the market. Hence, the cost of installation can be minimized.

We Also Offer

We manufacture and assemble low-cost prototype and full-production printed circuit boards

Our firmware engineers’ industry specializations allow them to program with knowledge of core standards, regulations, and best practices.

4. IoT Aged Care System - SmartCare

Smart Care –Caring for the Seniors

Smart Care

This wearable device is used in mission critical healthcare industry, which has no single point of network failure.


The device supports Wi-Fi, SigFox and LoRaWAN at the same time. This guarantees the reliability of the device

5. Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System for :

* Balasooriya Hospital –Sri Lanka
* Nawinna Medicare Hospital –Sri Lanka
* Asia Hospital –Sri Lanka
* Helan Hospital –Sri Lanka
* Miracle Health Hospital –Sri Lanka
* Sinha Hospital -Sri Lanka

Hospital Information System is an ERP application, which covers the below mentioned operations in hospitals.
1. Advanced Hospital Management Hospital HR Management
2. Hospital Finance/ Accounting Management
3. Hospital HR Management
4. Advanced Appointment Management

Hands on Skill development in RIS and PACS

* With Assistance from Local and our Partners we have commenced development of RIS and PACS Applications for the first time in Sri Lanka.

* The PACS is based on Lead Technologies PACS technical knowhow from USA.